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New Mini-Book:
Fast Projects with Sanity
Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD

Transform your company with QRPD

QRPD is a breakthrough formula that gets results--fast. What if you could develop products faster, easier, more effectively and efficiently than ever before in your company history?

Global Brain helps companies meet their product development demands by completing their projects in half the time-or less, at half the cost.

How can that be?

Easy. We don't use black magic. We've simply identified the formula that yields results. And we've tested this formula with thousands of people and companies worldwide. Furthermore, we've reduced the formula to a simple strategy that anyone can use at any time-and succeed all the time.

And we guarantee it will work for you.

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Download Articles and Papers
Our articles and papers are a great place to learn about QRPD. The articles offer a wealth of information about our tested product development formula and the techniques that will help transform your company,

Purchase Books and Videos Online
We have just released the 9th edition of our groundbreaking guidebook, Projects at Warp-Speed with QRPD®: The Definitive Guidebook to Quality Rapid Product Development. The guidebook contains the information you need to use QRPD for your current and future projects including our fully updated 147 techniques to accelerate development. If you need to expose these techniques to a larger group, we also offer two videos to get you familiar with the QRPD methodology.

Register for University Courses
You can join hundreds of your colleagues who have taken the QRPD course through the UC Berkeley Extension program taught by Global Brain President, Ori Kopelman. In addition, QRPD Consultant, Jeff Schlageter teaches a series of project management courses through the UC Santa Cruz Extension system.

Arrange a Company Workshop
Global Brain workshops teach critical QRPD management techniques known for their practical, "use it tomorrow" approach. Workshop contents can be tailored to your organization's industry, products, and current projects, and include case study analysis.

Get QRPD Consulting and Coaching
If your company needs immediate help getting projects done in half the time at half the cost, Global Brain offers a range of consulting and coaching packages to meet your needs. Our clients regularly see measurable and significant improvement in their projects, organizations and profits because we are very effective at helping companies change the way they do projects.

“I have known Ori Kopelman for years from his project management classes at two of my previous companies. When a project at my current company ran into trouble I had the project manager call in Ori to help get the program on track. Ori met with the team for a three day off site and, applying QRPD methods, they were able to redefine and organize the project into a form which would meet the deadline. The team executed to the plan generated at the offsite and met the aggressive goals. Ori and his methods were key to this program being successful.”
Dave Pap Rock, Director HW Engineering
Adept Technology a leading Robotics and Intelligent Automation company

Outline of What You Will Learn from the QRPD Guidebook, 2-day Foundation Workshop, or 5-hour Video

1. Projects at Warp-Speed

  • Grasp why using only traditional project management techniques result in late projects.
  • Understand how QRPD contains and goes beyond currently popular development methodologies.
  • Learn how to survive and thrive in a globally competitive market place.
  • Comprehend the new paradigm to quantify the true cost of lateness and shorten your time-to-market using the "Blitzkrieg" (lightning-fast war) approach.
  • Make the wisest project decisions by making sound cost-benefit-risk tradeoffs.
  • Utilize the 3 Secrets to success and Just-In-Time Product Development.

2. Mission-oriented, Accelerating Methodology - The Toolkit

  • Discover how to live by the 10 Commandments of QRPD.
  • Learn the checklist of their related 150+ day-to-day techniques.
  • Differentiate success and failure case studies by analyzing them with the techniques checklist.

3. The Project Leader and Team

  • Clarify Project Leader criteria for selection and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the cross-functional team and how to build and motivate company-wide product development teams.
  • Learn how to build and motivate technical teams.

4. New Product Development Flow

  • Identify the 5 phases and follow the 13 steps of a "best-practices" process.
  • Discover the process and contents of a powerful 1-page project vision.
  • Save time by practicing "See-Saw Scheduling and Visioning" to avoid surprises.

5. Transform your company with QRPD

  • Learn to use the 5 keys to Doing It Right the First Time (DIRFT)) that ensure developing your products in half the time.
  • Learn how to avoid and remedy the 7 deadly sins that prevent rapid development.
  • Learn how to salvage projects currently in trouble.
  • Ramp your company up the new process absorption maturity curve.
  • Get the support you need to make a quantum leap in your organizations with QRPD.

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