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New Mini-Book:
Fast Projects with Sanity
Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD

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Fast Projects Mini-Book


Fast Projects with Sanity: Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD: Quality Rapid Product Development



NEW EDITION: Projects at Warp-Speed with QRPD®: The Definitive Guidebook to Quality Rapid Product Development
by Orion Kopelman and Cinda Voegtli




Guidebook Features:

A fully updated 147 techniques to accelerate development.

A detailed comparison of how QRPD contains and goes beyond all of the other methodologies now popular for product development (lean, agile, PMBOK, Extreme, and more ("PMI" and "PMBOK Guide" are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute.).

A PocketCard for quick reference.

Dozens of case studies and examples of how to succeed and not blow it.

Complete forms and samples of the 48 deliverables for the 5 phases of the step by step "Flow" process of development including the "fuzzy front end" that will solidify your development process or help your quickly create one.

More explicit use of spiral and iterative development, especially for speeding up software development.

The fully updated keys to Doing It Right the First Time (DIRFT)!

This and more truly makes it the Definitive, comprehensive Guidebook to QRPD: “Quality Rapid Product Development”.

Price: $79.95

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5 Hour QRPD Video Course

This comprehensive video teaches you the basic QRPD methodology, from specific techniques, to the 10 Commandments of product development, to the Seven Sins you should make sure your company doesn't commit. It provides a reusable reference to ensure all your products are done in record time, with record profits!
Price: $445.00

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1 Hour QRPD Overview Video

Provides a brief but thorough introduction to the basic tenets of the QRPD methodology. Presenting Orion Kopelman, the creator of QRPD, speaking at the Project World Conference, it provides an excellent method to become familiar with Quality Rapid Product Development.
Price: $89.00

"I read the book and my impression was, if I had had this information when I started as a new project manager at Sun Microsystems, I would have avoided making a lot of mistakes and been successful a lot faster. It's a lot of good, useful information neatly packaged in one place. Solid methodology for starting and running a high tech project. Good desk reference, kept me from having to buy a bunch of project management books."

Stephana Major
Sr. Product Manager, Sun Microsystems

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