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New Mini-Book:
Fast Projects with Sanity
Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD

QRPD Consulting and Coaching

We coach companies to use QRPD to complete their projects in half the time, with half the cost and double the fun.  The partners are all ten-plus year veterans in high tech product development.  We have all served in the trenches as well as at the director or VP level.  In our current capacity, our work with companies begins with an assessment of their current product development organization and processes through a series of cross-functional interviews.  This usually leads to a brief training program that lays the foundation for rapid development.  The next critical phase involves coaching specific project teams and project leaders in effectively using the QRPD tools. 

We are not looking simply to teach the course and deliver the product.  Our clients regularly see measurable and significant improvement in their projects, organizations and profits because we are very effective at helping companies change the way they do projects.

"QRPD has given us a clearly articulated process for developing products. We are now developing products in a fraction of the time that it took before we adopted QRPD. Furthermore our product development managers have been very pleased with Global Brain's Executive Coaching program. Not only are weaknesses identified through an analysis of past performance, but prescriptive methods are applied to boost individual performance to a higher level."

Israel Ury
co-founder of Ortel, Chief Technical Officer, Agere, a division of Lucent

Packages for transforming your company with QRPD and Doing Projects in Half the Time, at Half the Cost, with Double the Fun!

1. Assessment Package
We assess your current product development efforts, its strengths and weaknesses. Based on our observations, we present a specific action plan for accelerating your projects. We initiate the assessment by requesting a package of germane documentation to familiarize ourselves with your projects and process. We meet on-site for 2 consulting days of interviews and then we compile and deliver our page report with next step recommendations.

2. Project Lessons Learned Package
You've spent tons of time and money on your last project. Painful as it may have been, why not learn from it all?! We provide expert, neutral, and objective evaluation of your last completed project: strengths, weaknesses, and lessons learned. Then you can communicate them across the organization. A ½-day on-site interviewing and discussion, a 3 hour team meeting we facilitate, followed by a written analysis report with suggestions.

3. Jump Start Package-our most popular offering!
This provides you the 2-day foundation course and delivers a first-cut project plan. We start with one day of interviews with key individuals in your organization to prepare and adapt the 2-day QRPD workshop to your specific needs. We then teach this specially tailored workshop and follow it up with one full day of coaching to integrate the instruction and create the first-cut project plan with the team. Also included are 30 QRPD guidebooks and a 5-hour video on QRPD. This week-long process will kick-off your projects and zoom you forward to significantly shorter development cycles.

4. Jump Start Lite Package
In these warp-speed times, sometimes you have to take shortcuts. The "Lite" version still gives you a first-cut project plan and a ½-day introduction course on QRPD. It doesn't have quite the depth of covering all the material, but has still proven to give dramatic results. Includes 10 QRPD guidebooks.

5. Coaching Package
Aimed at gaining buy-in and complete implementation throughout your organization. We provide 2½, 5, or 11 days (1 free) of coaching spread out over several months. Coaching will include developing project visions, schedules, facilitating "see-saw" negotiating meetings, design reviews, and enabling teams and project leaders to reach their full potential. Clients have reported being particularly thrilled with these coaching sessions as they applied QRPD to make instant breakthroughs in their projects. Within a year, executing your projects most effectively becomes routine and predictable.

6. Executive Package
Clarifies the benefits of using QRPD to company executives. A two hour presentation with lots of time for Q & A. Ensures that executives get the new process, and support it by really buying in, rather than just paying lip service and unintentionally obstructing it.

7. Absorption Package (includes packages 1, 2, 3, 5, 6)
Our clients regularly see measurable and significant improvement in their projects, organizations and profits, because we are very effective at helping companies change the way they do projects. Profound and lasting changes require five packages.

"This stuff is great. (QRPD) took the relevant theory and practice from PMI and spun it into something applicable to the high-tech SDLC. When you aren't building bridges or jet planes, this seems like the way to go. A lot of successful 'fast-track' projects here have run this way, excited and empowered individuals form a team and kick-butt with a common goal in mind."

Vince Maniago
Project Manager, eTrade Financial Group

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