Fast Projects with Sanity Mini-Book
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New Mini-Book:
Fast Projects with Sanity
Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD

Fast Projects with Sanity

Applying the 3 Secrets of QRPD: Quality Rapid Product Development

Overwhelmed?! Who isn’t these days. But we still have to get all of our projects done on time. How do we do that without going insane? By adhering to the 3 secrets of the proven warp-speed development methodology QRPD(r): “Quality Rapid Product Development”, including it’s 4 Oxymorons—seeming contradictions that actually make sense. Only by working in new ways will we keep up with the frantic global, pace of today’s world and succeed sanely!

This booklet presents the cornerstones of Quality Rapid Product Development which cuts development times and costs typically by 50 percent, while increasing quality, morale, and fun. It explains how to “engage” the three secrets of QRPD and thereby finish projects and/or develop products in half the time every time. “Make it so!


Fast Projects with Sanity Mini-Book
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  • Abbreviated 20-page “cliff notes” version of the 680-page reference book on QRPD.
  • Cites real examples of using QRPD’s 3 secrets.
  • Allows you to start using QRPD immediately!

“From the time we convened and said, “Let’s make an Intellipad,” to the time we shipped was 7 months.  If we had done it the old way, it would have taken a year and a half.”

Frank Stern
President, Niles Audio, a leading entertainment manufacturer


Two independent companies can successfully join forces in a strategic partnership to create a product or service that will benefit both companies…. The respective Project Managers can utilize QRPD deliverables and techniques to create a truly synergistic project team, successfully address the unique risks associated with these partnerships, and ultimately deliver a product that neither could have done alone.

W. Bradley Stewart
Former Vice-President of Engineering, CellNet Data Systems, acquired by Schlumberger for about $500 million


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