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The Quality Rapid Product Development methodology is a practical formula of best-practice strategies, techniques, and guidelines that routinely enables companies to cut their product development times an average of 43%. Faster new product cycle times mean lower costs, higher profits, and greater enjoyment for all involved. QRPD has worked for clients from a wide range of industries, including: computer hardware/software, communication technology, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, web development, Information technology and more.
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Don't take our word for it!

The results for these companies speak for temselves. Six technology-driven companies tell you how QRPD : "Quality Rapid Product Development" reduced their product development time by at least 50%:

Niles Audio: a leading in-home entertainment manufacturer
50% improvement in development time

Sales VP Frank Stern reports: "From the time we convened and said, 'let's make a keypad,' to the time we shipped was seven months. If we had done it the old way it would have taken a year and half. With QRPD, instead of handing off a design from one department to another during a product's evolution, all departments are in on the project from day one. Having right hands knowing what left hands are doing is extremely efficient." The first Niles Audio product born of QRPD, the "Intellipad", won best product of the year for 1996. Read Full Niles Audio Success Story >

Plantronics, Inc: the world's leading supplier of lightweight communication headsets.
50% improvement in development time

The project was completed in 9 months vs. 18. Gordon Simmons, Plantronics, Inc.'s Project Leader reports, "In addition to satisfying a major customer, Intel, Plantronics was able to enter an entirely new market with a novel award-winning product in record time.... The primary success component was felt to be the synergy of a dedicated core team armed with a shared vision. Consistent with the theory of QRPD, the core team did whatever it took to get the product development done." Read More Success Stories >

Abbott Critical Care Systems: a Fortune 100 company with over one hundred years in the medical industry.
50% improvement in development time

"Abbott will be able to enter a new market in record time. A 6O% improvement in product development time was achieved (18-20 months vs. 42 months.) We expect big financial payoff will occur with succeeding generations of this product (which are predicted to come to market in only 9-12 months per generation.)"

Pen and Rex, manager and Project Leader, add, "The team of 40 people (consisting of many new leaders) wasn't the best team for the job at the time, but they are now. Everyone involved in the product development should undergo QRPD training. QRPD guidelines for early and frequent testing are to be ignored at one's own peril." Read More Success Stories

CellNet Data Systems: a wireless communications company, with over $200 million in funding, creating a nation-wide network to provide data communication between millions of end points.
50% improvement in development time

Larsh Johnson, VP of Engineering and Founder of CellNet says: "QRPD is playing a major role in keeping a project on schedule that will gain us $50,000 per week. These results, and the enthusiasm, fun, and excitement felt by the team about how QRPD is helping them, prompted us to incorporate QRPD into our product life cycle for all of our projects, company wide.

Each team member felt proud to have individually contributed to the success of the project and the company. Furthermore, from the perspective of upper management, the use of QRPD provides effective hooks to keep abreast of a project's progress, through milestone tracking and advisory group meetings." Read More Success Stories >

Melard Technologies, Inc: manufacturers of dispatch computer terminals.
50% improvement in development time

"There is a pervasive emphasis on personal responsibility. Participants were asked how many of the "10 Commandments of QRPD" they could influence; the correct answer, which all arrived at, is "all of them."

Melard's Project Leader on QRPD's Product Vision process: "People initially react with horror at the thought of 20 people in a room creating a "product requirements" document. However, these meetings never fail to focus the definition on the customer first; bring critical product definition to light; and provide the chance for those outside of engineering and marketing to make a significant contribution... In every instance the team left with a deeper, more unified understanding of the product to be developed. Periodic training in the QRPD methodology is held for all new employees." Read More Success Stories >

Meyer Sound Laboratories: the leading manufacturer of high-performance professional loudspeakers.
50% improvement in development time

"QRPD helps engineers to realize that what they do directly affects the health of the company. In particular, QRPD is successful in creating an awareness of the importance of time and money.... it provides a philosophy and mechanism for making changes dictated by competitive forces." John and Peter, company president and Project Manager under-scored the major lessons learned: "You need to 'meet with the troops' early on to get their buy-in to the concept of speed. Cross-functional buy-in is crucial." Read More Success Stories >
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